Legal Tips after a Car Accident

car accident

There are several things car owners should know to protect themselves and their interests. First of all, you should know the benefits you are entitled to under your insurance policy. With this, you know where to start after an accident.

Consult a top rated Houston car wreck lawyer for early advice. Most people get inadequate compensation because of a lack of knowledge of the legal procedures. Here are some of the basic legal tips after a car accident:

Inform Your Insurance Agent

It is a requirement to file a report after an accident. The police usually arrive at the scene first, they might need you to submit a statement if you are not in critical condition. Without filing a report it is difficult to get compensation from an insurance company.

Immediately inform your insurance agent. Report all your medical related bills to your insurance company as well. Some insurance companies have a time limit on which the accident should be reported, failure to adhere to the time your claim will be disregarded.

car accident

Contact Your Lawyer

You should contact your lawyer as soon as possible. Remain silent and do not make any statements without consulting with your lawyer. An experienced lawyer will gather all evidence for negotiations with the insurance company.

Call your lawyer to help you submit the necessary documentation and detailed demands for immediate compensation. Informing your lawyer early morning enough gives them time to build a case if the matter needs to go to court.

Secure Evidence at the Scene

The insurance company requires proof that you actually had an accident for them to accept your claim. If you can document everything does it to help in your compensation. Take photos of the accident scene, the cars involved and the people involved.

A collection of photos of your injuries and treatment progress will also come in hand. Remember to keep copies of the medical bills and give them to your lawyer. While taking photos try not to interfere with anything on the scene. Anything information might be helpful to the police in case they need to conduct an investigation.

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File a Police Report

The period of filing a police report may vary from one state to another. However, most police departments have a limited period of 72 hours.

A police report is usually crucial, you can use it as evidence that the accident happened. If you have suffered a lot of injuries, ask someone to file the report on your behalf. Informing the police is important for launching an investigation.

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